Open Aperto 2023 – Measuring the circularity and sustainability of companies

CONFERENCEPARCO SCIENTIFICO DI CAPANNORI (LU) December 6th 2023 •  09.00 – 12.30 The Capannori technological hub, with the participation of the companies that live there, presents this meeting dedicated to the topics of circularity and sustainability of companies. Both aspects are fundamental priorities in the business context to achieve concrete results and create value. Acquiring awareness, identifying opportunities […]

LMPE is A-Circulytics

We participated as an Innovative Start-up in the Assessment by Ellen MacArthur Foundation with the Tool called Circulytics.The LMPE Score Card shows an A- overall score, which is the penultimate highest level on the scale, from A to E, which measures the progress of our journey to Circular Economy routes. Our score is a couple […]

Primavera D’impresa 2023

LMPE participated on 14 and 15 June 2023 in the sixth edition of PRIMAVERA D’IMPRESA in the wonderful setting of Villa Vittoria in Florence. The days, full of B2B and meetings, ended with the awarding of the prize for innovation and creativity promoted by the Cultural Association APS, aimed at micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises […]

Invitation Technological Center of Capannori 30 September 2017 at 10 Am Meeting “Management Of Plastic Products At The End Of Life”.

“”Management of end-of-life plastic products – a path of innovative development aimed at their controlled biodegradation through a biotechnological approach”.”. Saturday 30 September 2017 at 10 am Polo Tecnologico of Capannori – Nuova Street in Segromigno in Monte “The use of plastic products has been characterized in recent decades by an exponential growth. Although this […]

ITI of Borgo  a Mozzano Visit LMPE Laboratory

Today at the Polo Tecnologico of Capannori our President Prof. Emo Chiellini gave a lecture to the students of 4A, 4B, 5A, and 5B of the I.T.I. Institute of Borgo a Mozzano (Lu) on:“Management of End-of-Life Plastic Products – An Innovative Way of Development Aimed at their Biodegradation through a Biotechnological Approach.” The students were […]

Emo Chiellini Receive The Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award By Marquis Who’s Who

During his career, Chiellini has been involved in several scientific organizations and has contributed to over 500 publications, 300 contributions by invitation, and 200 national and international conferences. He has also worked on programs sponsored by UNIDO for the dissemination of knowledge on biodegradable polymeric materials in developing and transition countries. He has received numerous […]

The Giulio Natta Prize 2018 Has Been Awared To Prof. Emo Chiellini

Premio Giulio Natta

The Scientific Committee has decided to award the prize “Giulio Natta and Nicolo Copernico” for Scientific Research and Technological Innovation for 2018 to Prof. Emo Chiellini. Chiellini was recognized for the fundamental contribution made to the development of the science and technology of biodegradable polymeric materials and for the many biomedical, pharmaceutical and environmental applications […]

Lmpe Strenghtens The Biodegradation Section

To the growth of the section of our laboratory dedicated to the investigation of the characteristics of Biodegradability and Compostability of products in soil, compost, and seawater (based on scientific work and ISO and ASTM regulations) LMPE is equipped with modern equipment, unique in Europe, of Japanese manufacture, called M.O.D.A. 6 (Microbial Oxidation Degradation Analysis).’s […]

Workshop: “Additive Manufacturing For An Industry 4.0”

“Additive manufacturing for an Industry 4.0” is the theme of the workshop scheduled for Friday, July 19 from 9.00 to 13.30 at the Science Park of Capannori in Segromigno in Monte. The initiative promoted by the Municipality of Capannori, Scuola Normale Superiore, LMPE, Lucense, and Artes 4.0, in collaboration with the Foundation “Cassa di Risparmio […]

Congrats To Our President – Prof. Emo Chiellini

We are proud and honored that our President, Prof. Emo Chiellini, continues to grind Citation records for his Scientific Publications, even though in the last 4 years, the number of Published Documents has been limited compared to the past. Its 400 and more published scientific documents have accumulated nearly 12,000 citations. Congratulations and thanks for […]

Goodbye Prof.

It is with great sorrow that the LMPE partners and our full Team communicate the death of our beloved President Prof. Emo Chiellini. Not only our company LMPE but the whole Scientific Community loses an unparalleled scientific guide. The last farewell will be possible at the Cimitero della Misericordia in Pisa from 15:00 today, until […]

Biotecnologie News Interview

Biotecnologie NEWS interview at LMPE Today was published on the new blog of Biotecnologie NEWS, dedicated to the news in the field of Bioeconomy, an interview with the two partners Luca Landini and Francesco Sandias on the albeit brief history of our Laboratory. Go To The Interview

The Untimely Death Of Professor Federica Chiellini

Seven months since the death of his father, Prof. Emo Chiellini, yesterday Professor Federica Chiellini, daughter of our beloved President, prematurely passed away. She has also been an important member of the LMPE Scientific Committee since our foundation. The members and the LMPE Team gather around their mother Teresa, their sister Elisabetta, and all the […]

Training Day Around Pet

The Head of the Research and Development Division has designed and implemented a specific training path to meet the demand of a customer for PET. The lessons, scheduled for the entire month of April 2021, were interspersed with several lectures and webinars. On the morning of April 7, in collaboration with LUCENSE and INNOPAPER and […]

Tondo Podcast Interview

The interview with Francesco Sandias about our history and what we do in the Circular Economy area for  Tondo podcast it’s online. To listen to the interview conducted by Annalisa Moro follow #tondopodcast on Spotify

Startupper Interview For Business24

CEO Luca Landini was interviewed by the STARTUPPER broadcast of Business24. “LMPE as a start-up”, where Katia Gangale, the voice of Radio Babboleo, presents entrepreneurs and managers of the most successful startups.Broadcast in Italy every Wednesday from 20.40 on channel 824 of Sky, channel 410 of digital terrestrial national, and channel 422 of Tivùsat. Show […]

Lmpe Become Benefit Corporation

We are proud to announce that LMPE S.r.l. has deposited the new charter to acquire the legal role of Benefit Company, following our vocation to act as a Common Benefit for the Environment, the People, and the Community of our territory. LMPE S.r.l. Benefit Corporation is publicly committed to responsible and transparent Governance, continuing to […]

2020 Sustainability Report

On 10 December 2021 we announced the acquisition of the status of #BenefitCorporation and today we are happy to share our first #SustainabilityReport for the 2019-2020 biennium.With this document, we want to communicate to the outside of the company the #Sustainability path that we have followed as a Team in these first years of activity.This […]

Interview for Toscana Economy

Luca Landini, CEO of LMPE, was interviewed by Giulia Baglini for Toscana Economy magazine. Landini told the company’s history and the scientific-technical background of Researchers, PhDs, undergraduates, and professors who gravitate inside. He also listed the latest research conducted in terms of Circular Economy. You can find the article in the n.3 edition of 2022. […]

Title Of The Chemistry Lab. To Prof. Chiellini

Professor Luigi Lippi – Dean of the Technical Institute “Benedetti” of Porcari (Lucca), announces that on December 16 is planning to title the chemical laboratory of the Technical Institute to Prof. Emo Chiellini, our founder and Past President. It is a great honor to share this magnificent initiative.We thank Prof. Luigi Lippi for promoting this […]

Renewal Certifications


In these days we have obtained the three-year renewal of the Certification of our Integrated Management System. We renewed with DNV Accredia until 2026 the ISO 9001 Certifications for Quality Management, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management, and ISO 45001 for Health and Safety Management. Thanks to the LMPE Team for having confirmed this important result […]

Conference At Unite

We are pleased to share that the researcher Caterina Rosellini held a seminar on “Biomaterials for tissue engineering” on 13 June 2023 at the University of Teramo. he seminar was organized by Professor Nicola Bernabò for a group of Ph.D. students and masters of the Biotechnology of Reproduction course at the University of Teramo. Dr. Caterina […]

LMPE development of new Nanofertilizers

On 2018 LMPE participated as a Partner to the Project “Bypassing nitrogen soil cycling to increase nitrogen use efficiency by pastures” submitted by the Agricolture Research Institution – INIA Chile to FONDECYT – The National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development Now our R&D Head-Ing. Lucia Perez Amaro PhD, just published a Scientific […]

team commerciale

Giulia Landini

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in 2015, Master’s Degree in Government and Corporate Management in 2020.


He has been working at LMPE since 2023 where he works for Project & Sales Management.

Dr. Mattia Simoncini

He graduated in 2019 in Chemistry for Industry and the Environment from the University of Pisa, and in 2022 he obtained his Master’s degree in Industrial Chemistry with an experimental thesis about “The optimization of the extraction of bioactive components from sage and rosemary and their introduction into PVA films” carried out at the ICCOM institute of the CNR in Pisa in collaboration with the DCCI of the University of Pisa.

In 2023, he attended the SINT Master’s program sponsored by the QUINN Consortium in collaboration with the University of Pisa on “Integrated Management Systems for Sustainability” obtaining certification as Lead Auditor for ISO standards in Quality, Energy, Environment and Occupational Safety and Health and certification as Lead Auditor for SA 8000 standard about Business Ethics Certification.

Since 2023, he has been working at LMPE where he conducts R&D and collaborates within the management team for LMPE’s SGI.

team amministrazione

Clarissa Dinelli

She obtained the Diploma in Accounting at the Commercial Technical Institute of Pescia.

She has been working at LMPE since 2021 as Head of Accounting, after 23 years of experience gained in different realities.

team amministrazione

Francesca Landini

Graduate in Psychological Sciences and Techniques.

She has worked at LMPE since 2018 and is responsible for administration, human resources, management and reporting of funded projects.

In 2021 he completed the Master EU Projects Design & Management 2021-2027

team r&d

Dott.ssa Caterina Rosellini

Graduated in Biological Sciences in 2019 at the University of Pisa and later graduated in the Master’s course in Science in Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Pisa and the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa with an experimental thesis on polymer devices of the organ-on-chip for high-performance drug toxicity screening. Since 2021 she has been qualified to practice the profession of Biologist Section A at the University of Pisa.

He has been working at LMPE since 2022 as a biologist in the Research & Development section, carrying out research activities on the action of microorganisms on plastic products, extrusion and processing of polymeric materials, and device manufacturing techniques for biomedical applications.

team analisi&servizi

Arianna Domenichelli

She obtained a Diploma in 2018 in Industrial Chemistry at the E. Ferrari Technical Institute in Borgo a Mozzano.

She has been working at LMPE since 2019 as a laboratory technician in the Analysis & Services section, performing mainly chemical and instrumental characterization of polymeric materials and plastic products.

Since 2021 she has been qualified to the profession of Industrial Chemical Expert at the Order of Industrial Experts and Graduate Industrial Experts of Pistoia. Currently affiliate near the Faculty of Managerial Engineering.

team R&D

Dott. Guazzini Tommaso PhD

Graduated in Industrial Chemistry in 2013 at the University of Pisa with a thesis on polymeric materials, he deepened the topic during his Ph.D. in Chemical and Material Sciences, awarded by the University of Pisa, held at the IPCF Institute of the CNR of Pisa where he worked until 2018.

He has been working at LMPE as a researcher since 2018 carrying out research activities on polymeric, water-soluble, and biodegradable materials, guiding the customer from the idea to the patent.

He is currently the Manager of the Research & Development section of LMPE.

team analisi&servizi

Dott. Barsi David PhD

Graduated in Applied Molecular Chemistry in 2010 and subsequently graduated from the Master’s course in Industrial Chemistry in 2012 at the University of Pisa with a thesis on intelligent polymeric materials for marine applications. He obtained a Ph.D. in Chemical and Materials Sciences, awarded by the University of Pisa, held at the IPCF Institute of the CNR of Pisa in the field of nanotechnological and polysaccharide-based products.

He has been working at LMPE since 2018, currently with the function of Laboratory Manager carrying out analysis activities on polymeric, water-soluble, and biodegradable materials. It also carries out consultancy activities for the development of sustainable products and in a Circular Economy key.

Soci : Luca Landini Fondatore e Amministratore Delegato

CEO Luca Landini

CEO, he leads the organization with competence and passion.

Expert in PVOH-based water-soluble polymers, of which he owns the first patents on the market since 1981. He is also the holder of many awards especially in the packaging sector linked to the applications of water-soluble films.

He has built and led many companies in the production of water-soluble polymers in Italy, Spain, the USA and Mexico.

It has contributed to the realization and engineering of systems for companies that process these products, developing not only the formulations but also a 5-stage process that starts from mixing the basic raw material up to the finished product (film – bags – pellets for molding by injection).


President Eng. Francesco Sandias

President Eng. Francesco Sandias, responsible for Business Development, Sustainability and Corporate Benefit Impact. For 30 years in the Top Management of Multinationals he innovated in Procurement, with R&D and Marketing, in FMCG companies including P&G in Brussels, Reckitt Benckiser in Venice and Seda Packaging in Naples. RINA certified as Sustainability&Innovation Manager

Soci : Emo Chiellini Fondatore ed Ex Presidente

Prof. Emo Chiellini (1936-2020)

After graduating in Chemistry in 1963 at the University of Pisa in the research group of prof. Piero Pino (one of Giulio Natta’s main collaborators), carried out his academic career at the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of the University of Pisa and in European and non-EU Universities such as the University of Liverpool (UK), Moscow State University (Russia), University of Massachusetts at Amherst (USA), University of Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo & Campinas (Brazil), University of Nagasaki (Japan) and University of Mogadishu (Somalia).

In 1980 he was appointed full professor of Chemical Foundations of Technologies at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pisa, where he taught until 2010, teaching courses in General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Materials Science and Technology. The passion for fundamental and applied research to the resolution of industrial and environmental problems has led prof. Chiellini to develop innovative research in the field of biodegradable polymers and to study their technological applications in the creation of new materials to be used in the biomedical and environmental fields.

He was among the promoters of the foundation and during his long career he also held the role of Member of the Scientific Council of the INSTM Consortium. He founded and coordinated the BIOlab  (Laboratory of Bioactive Polymeric Materials for Biomedical and Environmental Applications) Reference Center of INSTM, where researchers with expertise in materials science and technology, organic chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, pharmaceutical technologies, microbiology and environmental chemistry. He was the founder and president of LMPE S.r.l. SB., spin-off of the INSTM Consortium, responsible for numerous research contracts financed by industries from the European Community and the Tuscany Region.

He is the author of more than 500 publications, holder of 35 patents. He has presented more than 300 invited lectures in scientific institutions and industries. He is editor/co-editor of 20 books and has been a member of the Editorial Board of several international scientific journals in the field of polymers. Particularly noteworthy was his participation, from 1996 to 2008, in the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) group, engaged in the program relating to “Sustainable development in developing countries and countries in transition” mainly focused on polymeric materials and related environmentally friendly plastic products. Professor Chiellini has been awarded various awards throughout his career, including the Giulio Natta Prize for Chemistry in 2018.